IAF –


The 6th IAC declares that public aquariums have a greater role than ever to play in advancing and promoting global conservation of aquatic ecosystems. We must work to effect a significant transformation in human behavior to ensure a sustainable relationship with the earth’s natural ecosystems and the survival of our civilization as we know it. Toward this end, public aquariums worldwide should increase their efforts in the following areas:

Focus not only on nature but also on human activities that affect global aquatic ecosystems
Inspire, engage and empower our audiences to become better stewards of aquatic environments, with special focus on concrete actions that people can take in their everyday lives
Ensure our institutional management practices are sustainable both commercially and environmentally.

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To be more effective in achieving these results and to ensure we can create the successful aquarium of the future, a new international organization was created by consensus of the participants of the 6IAC in Monterey.

Mission statement

To improve worldwide communication among public aquarium professionals in order to strengthen capacity building, promote sustainable practices and conserve global aquatic ecosystems.

Goals of the modern aquarium .
Provide the best possible environments in our aquariums.
Raise public awareness about the need for conservation.
Sustain, encourage and participate in global initiatives for species and habitat conservation
Establish coordinated sustainable species programs and participate in captive breeding with special emphasis on the threatened species.
Provide good guidance in planning and operating aquariums for sustainability.
Initiate and actively support educational endeavors both within its premises
and in outreach programs.
Welcome, support and conduct scientific research within its premises
Promote technology and expertise exchange among aquariums
Contribute to a free and open flow of information and communicate with fellow aquarium personnel.
Assist fellow institutions in their efforts in the application of this mission statement.
To guide the IAF an international founding committee has been formed.

Chair : Paul Van den Sande, Antwerp, Belgium
Vice-Chair : Patrick Garratt, Cape Town, South Africa

Members :

Yoshitaka Abe, Onahama, Japan
Yukiko Hori, Fujisawa City, Japan
Itaru Uchida, Nagoya, Japan

John Nightingale, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Julie Packard, Monterey, California, USA
Brad Andrews, Sea World Parks, USA
Jerry Schubel, Long Beach, California, USA

Liang Wang, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Xianfeng Zhang, Wuhan, People’s Republic of China

Wang Liang, Ocean Aquarium Shanghai, P.R.China

Nadia Ounaїs, Monaco
Jürgen Lange, Berlin, Germany
Philippe Vallette, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

South America

Mauro Tambela, Temaiken Aquarium, Argentina