BOSTON 1993.




Yoshitaka Abe, Brad Andrews, Phyllis Bell, Flegra Bentivegna, William Braker, Charles Farwell, William Flynn, Ron Forman, Erich Friese, Louis Garibaldi, Jean Jaubert, Atsushi Komori, John McCosker, Kym Murphy, Murray Newman, John Nightingale, Neal Overstrom,

David Powell, John Prescott, John Racanelli, Tadashi Tsujii, Senzo Uchida, Itaru Uchida, Paul Van den Sande and Don Wilkie.


On April 27, 1993 the above colleagues and participants of the Third International Aquarium Congress met at the invitation of John H. Prescott to discuss the founding concept and current format of the International Aquarium Congress, potential future meetings, timing of future meetings, and the desire for forming a more structured international organization.




The concept of the Congress originated in Monaco in 1960. The first and second Congress of aquariology ere hosted by the Musée Océanographique de Monaco in 1960 and 1988. At the conclusion of the second congress there was an unanimous agreement that the international

meeting of aquarium colleagues should be continued. The New England Aquarium’s invitation to Boston in 1993 was accepted.


The congress is an informal meeting of interested aquarium colleagues. There are no membership requirements or members. And the host institution has been responsible for the organization and all arrangements for the meeting.


The following recommendations ate the consensus of the participants, resulting from the discussion of the ad hoc  committee and many of our colleagues present in Boston.




On behalf of the participants the ad hoc committee wishes to acknowledge its appreciation to the Musée Océanographique de Monaco and all our European colleagues for the inititiation of the Inernational Aquariology Congress.




  • The International Aquariology Congress to be continued
  • The meetings should be more frequent. The five years between the second and the third Congresses did not provide sufficient continuity, nor recognize the growth of the community or its advances.
  • That the next meeting should be held in 1996 and subsequent meetings be held biennially. Recognizing the difficulty in making meeting arrangements in some cities with less than tow years notice the next meeting should be held in 1996. It was pointed out that it would also be beneficial for some participants to hold the meeting in even numbered years to avoid  the Biennial meetings of the Society for Marine Mammalogy, because the international nature of that meeting and the fact that many are hosted by aquariums.
  • The international aspect be retained and that the location of the meeting reflect the international nature by rotating the meeting among the centers of aquarium interest.
  • The informal nature of the meeting be continued. However it was also the consensus that future organizers and participants review the concept of forming an international organization.




During the discussions invitations for future meetings were extended by colleagues from : Chattanooga, Tennessee, Tokyo, Nouméa  (N.Caledonia), Orlando, Vancouver and tentatively Naples.

The consensus of the ad hoc committee and recommendation is that the next Congress be held in Tokyo in 1996 and that the subsequent meeting tow years later, in 1998 be held in Europe bases on the tentative invitation of our colleague from Naples.




A steering committee : Yoshitaka Abe, Charles Farwell, William Flynn, Atsushi Komori, Murray Newman, John Prescott and Paul Van den Sande have volunteered to assist with the organization of the meetings  in 1996 and 1998.