A working group to define the future working and organization of the International Aquarium Congress met several times during the 5th IAC meeting in Monaco.

The following memorandum of understanding was presented to the participants and by consensus endorsed by the participants of the 5th IAC. It was decided that:

* The IAC (International Aquarium Congress) will continue as a professional network for communication between the Aquariums world-wide.

* To facilitate the communication a Website ( will be set up by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

* The three Committees –established for the 5th IAC in Monaco- known as :

                                            A. Conservation

                                            B. Education

                                           C. Commercial activities will continue to work between the congresses through a list server.

The E-mail address to be mail to every one as soon as possible. * Frequency of the meetings should be every four years as adopted in Tokyo (4th IAC).

* The Congress will alternatively be held in different continents. The 2008 meeting to be organised in Japan, China, Africa or Australia.

 * The next one will be hosted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in 2004. * Institution candidate to host the 2008 meeting have to inform the IAC Steering Committee by E-mail.

The IAC Steering Committe should consist of:

* Two persons of the last organising institution: Nadia OUNAÏS and François SIMARD (Oceanographique Museum of Monaco)

* Two persons of the next organising institution: Julie PACKARD and Chuck FARWELL (Monterey Bay Aquarium)

* Representatives for:

a) Europe: Jürgen LANGE and Paul VAN DEN SANDE

 b) Japan: Itaru UCHIDA and Yoshitaka ABE

c) China: Xianfred ZHANG

 d) South Africa: Patrick GARRATT e

e) Australia: John BURGESS

This Committee is a transition Committee and a new IAC Steering Committee will be elected in Monterey.